Paul Groh

Conservative voices are not being silenced. Violently seditionist voices are being restricted by private companies operating social media platforms. If violent seditionists masquerading as conservatives wish to be heard, they are quite free to set up their own platforms and have at it. Th…

Who would have thought...that Mr. Pearce could render himself even more irrelevant?? And it is!

Nice that this was published..I am sure that Mr. Block will be getting a visit from the nice fellas at the FBI in short order :)

Terrific that this fella posted his name and photo.

Even if a business is allowed to have more customers it won’t magically improve their fortunes. First, those observing public health regulations won’t go into those businesses and second, a huge percentage of the population is not shopping or spending anything extra. And that these busine…

Truck man

Forgive the tuck man?? Not unless he is contrite and asks for forgiveness, and makes up for his astoundingly bad behavior. Until then..nope.

Rutherford B Hayes did not have a Twitter account. Rutherford B Hayes did not damage the political-social fabric of an entire nation as Trump has done. There is no real equivalency here.

Absolutely. Our governor is doing anwonderful job.

Hey Chester..since you had such an awful time here in our beautiful State Capital, where we care for one another by protecting one another by wearing masks and other public health’s hoping that we’ve seen the back of you and your spoise for the last time. Please don’t come…

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