Peter Neal


Independent Conservative.

Much of the commentary from Mechels qualifies as disgusting, but, you get used to ignoring it...

Plenty of non-Catholics are against abortion.

It's cute that you're on first name basis with "Tripp".

Perhaps what will please New Mexicans would be for us not to be at the bottom of every good list, and the top of every bad list, despite you Dems having controlled the State for most of the last 50 years?

What else would you like to "restrain" Gerry? Just curious. Or is is JUST guns?

Good luck with that. The left also hopes for the economy to collapse before the election, and I honestly think they are hoping for war to break out in the Middle East, so they can blame Trump for that too.

Everything they wish for currently, is bad for America, but they think it wil…

This State of the State could be short and sweet; "We have LOTS of money thanks to oil and gas, and we're gonna spend it ALL.!!!

The entire Constitution is based on limiting government's ability to take away rights, yet you seem to think that for the Second Amendment, they decided to make a huge exception, and grant government the power to "regulate" .

How do you reconcile your (incorrect) interpretation of t…

Good grief.

A potential slippery slope. If unchecked, we could see the buildings and walls in the historic district plastered with political "art"....there are plenty of other ways for people to express their views.

Is it really serving the "public interest" for the SFNM to print these constant, tiresome, whiny letters from our local liberals, trying to outdo each other on how much they hate Trump?

Are there not letters being sent in that have some relevance and import to the daily issues faced…