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Thank you Governor Lujan-Grisham, thank you Dr. Scrase, and thank you Jodi McGinnis Porter!

As I sit at LAX waiting for our connecting flight to SFO with my son who as a new college freshman in on his way to UCSC, I think of the wonderful memories and experiences John Silver created for the Wood Gormley students many years ago when he brought Jane Goodall to our school. John was…

I am now aware of who is Bryce George. At the time of my original post, I forgot or actually did not recognize that this was a man I have been doing business with seasonally for years. My personal experience with Bryce is as follows: Bryce has ALWAYS been respectful to me and all my assoc…

[sad] I’m disappointed that many women in our great community did not get recitals mentioned in the comments above. Santa Fe New Mexican, you blew it! You really should redo the article and print it over 2 double page spreads in Sunday’s paper. Call it a correction, but not in small print.

Unless Proud Boys is an LGBT group, then it’s a hate group.

I am utterly heartbroken about this tragic loss. Gun violence is killing America. What the unimaginable f*** was a 16 year old doing with a gun? What has happened to American society?

I am deeply saddened by this news. Dr. Baten was one of the best doctors in New Mexico. He treated my now late brother who ultimately succumbed to multiple sclerosis. He also was my doctor. I saw him very recently and he looked fine. He was truly a wonderful man, and a proud father. Dr. B…

I did not have Rose Fidel as a teacher, but she was a neighbor. She was also in the Christus St. Vincent in-patient rehab unit at the same time I was in the unit in 2014. During that week I was able to know Rose a little bit better. She was such an amazing, kind, and intelligent person. W…

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