Patrick Brockwell

"asked to give straight answers is a requirement to pass muster." Really? Richard is that a new thing? I never noticed that before in Senate confirmation hearings.

Richard you are ludicrous regarding your stance on minorities and the Big Lie of voter fraud you have so often repeated. For you facts mean nothing and lies are truth.

Bill Maxon, I would sign on.


Wow! If I read these comments right, we are moving towards unity.

$6500 during the pandemic, about a year now. $20 a day. How extravagant. When people work hard they deserve a nice bite to eat, even a libation, with the boss. Too often what serves as management in government looks like making sure bad workers don't get away with something good. It is ri…

There are better ways to produce our food. Better for the animals, environment, consumers and farmers. Let's give some thought to where our food comes from and how it is produced. Caged chicken "farming" is the most unappetizing thing you could ever imagine. Factory farming needs to be re…

It would be great to see the penitentiary and National Guard Armory south of Santa Fe direct their lights downward instead of illuminating La Cienega. I'm not afraid of the dark. Show me the stars!

There comes a point when the choice is between prolonging life or prolonging death. At the end of her life, for two excruciating months, my dear wife prayed every night for death. Every morning she apologized for being a burden. No one should have to go through that. My prayer was for mer…

Mike, the rioters at the nation's Capitol are not "the unheard". They are a loud and privileged bunch of malcontents who feel entitled to tell the rest of us, at gunpoint, that the loser should win the election. Their aggrievement is the idea that only white men should run the country and…

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