Paul Gibson

I can assure you, Retake Our Democracy never, not once, consulted with Speaker Egolf about our support for Andrea Romero. Before we took a position on the race, we met with both Romero and Trujillo. We based our decision to support Romero entirely on positions on issues. We reported on ch…

Every once in awhile, Richard and I agree and here is one of those times. Avangrid's experience in three others states.....a pathetic track record for which they offer up a pack of lies and misrepresentations to "explain" their malfeasance.

Wow. Stop the presses. Mike Johnson and I agree ;-)

Those criticizing the Democrats should note that it is Democrats who sponsored the original 36% rate cap. Among Republicans, exactly one legislator voted for 36% Sen. Schmedes. Yes, lobbyist influence has caused for a fork in the road, but a Conference Committee will be convened today and…

The loan documents are dozens of pages long and almost always in English. They also include confusing terminology and hidden fees and penalties. Your observations Mr. Kowalski are both wrong and callous, as pointed out by Mr. O'Hare. If you want to read more about how predatory lenders op…

Couldn't agree more about the public bank, Jim. Thank you.

I had the exact same thought

Egolf had zero to do with taking down smith. Not sure I saw any evidence of absolute power or corruption unless you mean the imposition of masks and distancing

Or reading much of anything, for that metter

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