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Sen. Candelaria is a Democrat!

"She labeled destroyers of the monument as nonviolent". I suppose by that she means that they politely stood their and pleaded with the Obelisk to fall to the ground on its own. Gee, I would wager that the chains and ropes that were placed around it had nothing to do with it coming down. …

I am a born and raised Santa Fean. I am amazed at the divisiveness of the last year. I understand that the Pandemic has placed a great deal of strain on all of us. Many of our heartfelt traditions have been cast aside. The Processions in June, Fiestas last year, and as far as I can tell, …

PattyjoCatanach commented on The past 100 years, June 12, 2021

I think this should say 1946. Either that or the Fiesta Council in 1921 sure took its time making up its mind!

I love your commentaries. I wish they happened more often!

The idea of colorful flowers is a good one. It is easy to maintain, and will last through the summer. This will enable CHART to get moving. And it gets rid of that horrible box that is nothing but a reminder of what happened last October. Thank you for bringing up a solution that is quick…

A place of such beauty should not be a place of such sorrow. If looking into taller barriers, and other such modification would help, it would be well worth the price of such an investigation. My sympathies to the family of this young man.

Just wanted to thank you for keeping us abreast of your journey during the last year. You had some moments, but for the most part you were upbeat, kind, and forward thinking. I hope your photography business takes off and you have more business than you can handle! [smile]

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