[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] One example does not prove a trend. But even if this is a true story, moving 70, 40 pound sacks of chile to a pallet does not sound like 10 minutes worth of work to me. Maybe the person would have considered doing it if it paid better.

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Americans have been unwilling to do low level agricultural work, restaurant work, for some years now -- well before COVID-19. The chile industry and the restaurant industry have been filling those jobs with workers

who are in the US illegally. During the …

Is it true that the mural at St. John's College was destroyed by vandals? I was around then and was under the impression that the destruction of that mural was ordered by the then President of St. John's College? Correct me if I am wrong.

I came to New Mexico nearly 60 years ago and watched the murals at St. John's and at the Halpin building go up. At first I found them challenging to look at, but as time went by I came to better understand and appreciate the murals as manifestations of New Mexico's culture. I was appalled…


"If there wasn't a single gun in the house it would have been a frying pan up the side of the head."

And if it were a fying pan upside the head the victim would still be alive so, yes I blame the gun. Guns enable the user to kill swiftly and easily. Frying pans can do some damage, b…

[smile] As I hear all this concern about what will happen to the PNM consumers in the merger of PNM with Avangrid, I am surprised that the local consumers aren't considering buying out PNM themselves. I live in Los Alamos which owns its own electric power distribution service and I have h…

It may be that the evidence on this accused person just wasn't there beyond a reasonable doubt. We are, a nation of laws, not a nation of hunches.

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