Paul White

Certainly Wirth is a game player and intrigue artist, I had to confront him about it in the past and his insincere apology will be remembered. Be careful of going against the royalty, or you might end up in a kangaroo court, like how Egolf went after Trujillo with a setup full of lies.

The Volvo dealership which is empty is much larger, further from residential areas and could provide better services. A friend suggested this, and I sent it out as a chat in the meeting. I wonder if any of the counselors or mayor noticed it?

I think the Pueblo lands have special status regarding rivers and arroyos that cross their lands?

Prosperity without growth, when I mentioned that to the Mayor he seemed confused. This is a concept that needs to be discussed. Santa Fe is supposed to be progressive yet cannot grasp that an endgame and contingency planning should be front and center.

Milan, “No proof. Just conversations I overheard,” is pretty much how you went about crucifying Carl Trujillo.

Mayor Webber was dismissive of my comments and recommendations regarding his support of the Red Light speed trap cameras. When I recently brought up how he was dismissive I felt that in his reply that he sincerely apologized. He is willing to meet with us regarding our concerns about the …

Did Romero pay back the $50K dollars she was accused of misspending? It is an embarrassment that she is a representative. It is an embarrassment how Milan Simonich and Richard Eed's went after Carl Trujillo with no proof. It is an embarrassment how Egolf went after Carl Trujillo with no j…

Makes one wonder if those who signed on did their homework or whether it was a political behind-the-scenes deal. "Numerous interested parties already have signed a tentative agreement with Avangrid and PNM, including the state Attorney General's Office

Well said

And did she pay back any of the $$$'s she was found to have misspent?

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