Brian Martinez

First and foremost, drug and alcohol addiction is everywhere and in every family. It affects all races and socioeconomic status, addiction does not discriminate. If you don’t believe me, you’re addicted to lying. I know folks who are educated and come from “good” respected families and th…

Mr Welsh, your suggestion would be well received by all. Nuevo Mejicanos would have an opportunity to discuss how Comanches, Utes, Apaches and Navajos raided communities. They took Spanish citizens and Pueblo Indians captives and then traded them in Taos. Governor De Anza put a stop to it…

Thanks all of you (and your families) for your service to our country. I pray God grants you peace.

Thanks for your service Captain Gonzales! You didn't have to, but you did.

What a world class loser! Pathetic display of humanity, it’s sickening reading the paper anymore.

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