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Thanks to Abeyta, Rivera, and Dominguez for getting us this far.

The future, like almost all ventures, depends on human management and planning. I hope there will be information about this critically important force for good in the near future.

Significant indications of lack of equity...and this is a bipartisan corruption. And some wonder why there is little respect for the "law."

I was surprised this wasn't publicized earlier and to a wider extent.

Overall, I was disappointed by all three.

Khal, thank you for these two articles. I read them both. I hope others will do so, also. The BOTTOM LINE for both of them is that research on gun usage/consequences/laws is very complex and very limited. Entry into these discussions are only for the sharp and committed mind!


Miguel, the facts defy your claims. Areas with strict gun laws have LOWER murder rates. None of the three cities you cite have "far left soft on crime mayors." Those are old, untrue tropes. To add to this, most murders by guns are suicides. And vets have a much higher rate of suicide than…

FIRST, we do NOT have an ETHICS commission. There is no ethics principle(s) in use.

This is the pivotal issue, not specific decisions nor the excessive composition of lawyers.

What we have is a tendency to equate "ethics" with "law." It would make life much simpler if the two …

ALL "rights" are actually limited. NONE are absolute, including the 2nd. (The interpretation of this Amendment reached its current position only recently. For MOST of our history this "right" was judicially limited to organized militia only, NOT for individuals. But...ALL "rights" are lim…

I know many here will get on my case, but I do have to point out that NM is also at the bottom of the heap on these issues, too.

The feds and the corporations have declared NM a sacrifice zone. It will remain there until we see the writing in the sand and start doing major things di…

I understand your claim, but you should know that this is inconsistent with federal law and the law in many other states.

I agree! Let's hear more ISSUES, and LESS PERSONAL ATTACKS!

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