Joe Brownrigg

All this is totally dependent on WHAT POLICING IS. Only then can we reasonably determine how many and what type of officers we need. This s NOT a time for "business as usual."

To my knowledge there has not been a discussion to define what Chief Padilla calls "the preferred service to the community.” With a nationwide discussion under way, what IS the "preferred service to the community"? This article makes it sound like the study will magically spew out exactly…

Please pay attention to the CDC, rather than using this as a whipping of the Governor. The CDC ha said from the beginning that one can still get the virus after being vaccinated. The vaccine makes symptoms less likely and less morbid. This has NOTHING to do with any politics. You do the c…

Like Richard, I want to post that my J&J vaccine did NOT produce any ill-effects, except for a couple naps. I'm also smiling. Yes. Just DO it!!

Speak for yourself, Mike. I always listen to actual arguments, but not disjointed claims.

The true value of a good argument is not to win. It is to learn something.

I doubt that you or anyone else here is talking about a Tesla. This is a miscalculated comparison!

If you want to make some reasonable comparisons, we could have an argument. An argument at this point would be a waste of your time and mine.

"free ride"? Have you ever priced a hybrid or electric vehicle? (of the same size as yours)

Hybrid and electric owners pay more for their cars than you do! Maybe a tax should be levied on you for the clean air the hybrid/electric owners pay for you? and what about the "free ride" yo…


"Slavery" is not "slavery" in the sense that there are MANY types of slavery. Reconstruction and the new Jim Crow and the "school to prison" pipeline are indications that enslavement of Black Africans has never ended.

Finally, I have never denigrated Spanish …


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