Joe Brownrigg

There are two issues here.

The first is the Occupation by the IDF. To protest this is NOT antii-semitic. But it IS to support International Law and the ethics of all three monotheistic religions.

The second issue is whether this mural meets the city's ever-evolving regulations…

The specific charges of what constitutes a "sex crime" varies from state to state. One law HERE should not cover ALL states. For example, would TWO underage people who got caught having sex be forced to register as "offenders" here in NM? How many in NM have been "heavy petting offenders,…

We really DO live in a "good ole boy" community!

This is a welcomed sight! Good work and a truth which needs to be told! Thank you, whoever did it!!!

"socialism" and "capitalism" are ambiguous and emotionally laden terms. Our society is both, as previous comments illustrate. Diane Dinash's comments indicate that Mr. Daniels was interested in supporting students who needed this help. Enough said!! Revamp the application.

NONE OF OUR FUNDS SHOULD BE INVESTED IN PRIVATE PRISONS> THEY ARE AN ETHICAL ABOMINATION. There is NO "Slippery Slope" here. (Such a slope is when one thing AUTOMATICALLY leads to another. Obviously, this is not what is happening here!

I don't really like the Democrat OR Republican machines.
I AM totally in favor of ethics.
PROBLEM # ONE: I do not think anyone here has any legitimate concept of ETHICS. It is always ACTUALLY a POLICING COMMISSION.
I used to teach ethics. Let's have some education about "eth…

I think Jorden is correct in his assessment!
I am changing my Medicare Advantage coverage to Presbyterian. The fact that St. Christus is no longer working with Presbyterian is a PLUS in my book. I've been a patient at St. Christus several times. It is a terrible hospital. The efficiency,…