Nancy Murata

Quite enough has been said about this absurd story - file it under "Can't make this stuff up!" However, the grammatical offense of " Me and my wife went out there...." saddens me since not only children are very commonly making this error.[crying]

Laughably incorrect.

“little Governor person” ????? Seriously? What is your area of competence?

So sad!

Totally sensible. Cant see how the storm troopers are going to "solve" crimes!

Have fun with RISK? Some risks may be fun, as you and I can imagine - contracting a highly contagious virus due to the negligence and lack of social responsibility of others is not in that category!

Many of the comments posted here suggest that we now live in a New Dark Ages.

BTW why is someone who doesnt respect government trying to work for government?

It is very sad that the USA has not been willing to do the hard part of mask wearing and home isolation early on as Italy, Spain, and other places did to quell the virus spread. Instead of short term pain I’m afraid we are in for long term misery and further economic destruction.

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