Anita McGinnis

Why is the crisis at the southern border being ignored by the media? The border patrol are overwhelmed by the massive number of people entering the USA without any political concern or control that the migrants, many with Covid, have no requirement for masks or shots.

I was just wondering why the crisis at the border is being ignored by the media. And why shots and masks are required for citizens, while non citizens, many who have Covid are being allowed to enter the country with out any health testing, masks or restrictions? Where is the media? Is thi…

Ms. Molina, are you now the editor?

Where do you get your facts, Lupe? Apparently you aren't so sure of them or you wouldn't so quickly delete other's opinions.

End the Catholicism that is infested with the political homosexual network which now has come to power in the church. That is the same gang that is responsible for the abuse that is going on in many seminaries. Look at the many active sodomite protecting bishops and cardinals . They with …

It would help if you do your own objective research. The media tends to ignore certain realities. They can easily lie by omission. Of course, you know that Fox news is the only "politically inclined" news outlet. If your still afraid of the truth or simply another person's opinion. You wi…

Does the truth scare you?


Be aware Ivan, that there are political opportunists who would be delighted to make you into an activist for their point of view. Marxist socialists have a background in creating conflict between races and classes. They are heavily represented in the social sciences and education. And the…

Love the opera, que viva! The tailgating looks like fun too. Sorta like the mad hatters tea party... Que viva la Santa Fe opera.

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