Daniel Valdez

Thank the Communist Chinese and World Health Organization for COVID-19.

NMConservative commented on A night at Santa Fe's GreenTree Inn

This is what you get when Democrats rule the roost. Santa Fe (and NM), deserves what it elects.

Fitzer is the only stupidity I see... People in the south (and anywhere else), can CHOOSE to do whatever they want.

Let NM continually vote itself deeper and deeper into the out of state transplant, corrupt democrat, leftist, socialist, marxist, cesspool it's become.

Illegal Fires or Undocumented Fires???

NMConservative commented on Democrat Stansbury headed to Congress

Democrats have no morals whatsoever. NM deserves exactly what it elects. Santa Fe will soon look like a combination of Juarez and Portland.

We should mandate wearing masks & social distancing to keep people safe from the drug pandemic that has swept across NM.

Sort of like the MLG/Democratic Party insurrectionists that destroyed our obelisk, companies property, and private property.

It is so funny to read all the comments by all the white, snowflake, left wing, socialist, democrat mob. The insecurities and hypocrisy are on full display. [lol][lol]

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