carolyn dalessandro

Unfortunately, it will never be the "Bobcat Bite". What Sharon, Judy, and Bobby did will never be repeated no matter how hard you try. Bonnie and John held the standard but after that? I am not that optimistic.

Then I believe we are headed to Fascism.

The question is...Why is it not FDA approved? Because vaccines take time to see if they work, have serious cause and effects...but this is rushed for a virus that is mostly curable on its own of course if you have an underlying condition...even the vaccine won't prevent or protect...just …

Congratulations Ms. Devoti! You are the very best and knew that for many many years. So happy you have been acknowledged for your outstanding work. Bravo! The D'Alessandro's.

Loews and Walmart are still open through this whole nightmare?. Why are they allowed to stay open but not small businesses? Sorry to see another business end.

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