Nicholas Freedman

Rich Santa Feans. Whiny, privileged and entitled.

Yep that checks out.


Yes, ideally that should be true: no adult who thinks the earth is flat should be taken seriously about anything.

Whatever the specific cause of one's flat-eartherness happens to be (derangement, stupidity, susceptibility to disinformation, etc), they all are deal-breakers for fact-…

Thanks to your wife and to the Food Depot.


The pandemic in the US has been lengthened by these and similar-thinking people.

Childish, selfish, ignorant ... We all suffer from the fools among us.


It makes me angry to see lack of distancing or masking, and especially the total lack of enforcement.

These people have prolonged for many months the things they claim to stand against with their intransigence and selfishness.


All it does is provide a path to spread disinformation in the comments.

Excellent quote, thanks.

Yes, let's all pay attention to what the *flat earther* thinks.

An actual flat earther. Someone who can't understand basic reality about the world we all live in wants to educate the rest of us about "facts."



People who think inconvenience is the same as oppression have never experienced actual oppression.

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