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PETA also uses a lot of "emotional" ploys in their tactics to convert people. They use graphic footage (which I do believe is real and not a hoax) and imagery to sway people to switch over without much else involved regarding critical thinking. There's a lot of gray area surrounding the w…

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Thanks for the rec, I'll look into that.

Regarding the "emotional thinking" wording I used, I'm not saying that unethical animal treatment doesn't exist in the animal consumption industry (I know it does), or that there isn't a correlation between environmental issues and meat produ…

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Not sure how highlighting a small vegan community in Santa Fe equates to “more people going vegan in Santa Fe”.

Power to them, as another said, we live in a country of individual freedom and expression. Just leave the emotional thinking influenced dogma to the side, and let people d…

Nortenos with Spanish heritage are pretty white, if you ask me. Spanish descent, that’s Europe.

Regardless, people of all skin colors are racist. You see it all over the world.

The people and extreme ideologies that South Park satires often reminds me of many people in Santa Fe.

This episode in particular always makes me laugh and think of certain people in town here:

Good point. There seems to be an indifference/lack of understanding of the laws of physics by drivers in Northern NM.

Combine that with an unorganized law enforcement system and rampant nepotism, it's not hard to see why the problem still exists.

This is great advice, thanks for all of the tips.

Would you say carjackings are mostly random? Based on the article details (suspect waiting in the back of the car/hiding), I'd wonder if the victim and suspect had some type of connection beforehand.

This is my own pure specula…

Hope the victim recovers quickly, what a terrible thing to happen.

If I even had the moeny, I don't think I'd buy a luxury car to flaunt in Santa Fe. Makes it too obvious you have money, and this is a town with mostly haves and have nots. The 1% and people barely scraping by.

So what's a solution to speeding that doesn't include speed bumps? I'm not trying to be argumentative, genuinely just curious?

I've seen people of all walks of life drive erratically in Santa Fe, but on the Northern/Eastern sides of town which are overall wealthier, there seems to b…