rick smith

All in all it was awesome. It was fun coming up with solves and heading out! I live in the yellowstone area and spend mist time looking for wildlife photos, so this just added to the adventure. Thanks ff for doing what you did

How about fountain flats road, ojo caliente and then firehole river,

Ok, where and what was the blaze? I live in this area, searched quake lake, doesnt mean i didnt walk past it.

I agree. I am going to keep searching incase whoever found it left a marker indicating this was the spot. I was headed back out june 21 to check an area along the fh river below madison jct.

Haley, that is awesome. I would hope ff can somehow give us an idea of where it was found. If not, thats fine because i will continue to search hoping whoever found it leaves some kind of marker indicating this is the spot!

ff is a womeniser? Really? . I can understand a certain level of saddness about not being able too search any more; but anger and name calling! That is the world of today i guess. Me, i sent ff a thank you email

I agree, I searched for years and had a great time doing it, and guess what? I will continue to search for it anyway because i simply want to. With the way a lot of people are acting, i would not blame ff if he went and retrieved the chest and said the heck with it.

Really? Your going to make this political? Trump is President of the United States, get over it. The treasure was found. Get over it. I think it was awesome what ff did. Anyway. Have a nice day.

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