Mark Stahl

Trump has spent his entire life avoiding responsibility for his actions. As president, he is the head of the government and should be held responsible for actions and inaction of the government. Furthermore, he should be held accountable for his provocative statements. Enough with excusin…

The use of terms communist and socialist have pretty much been rendered meaningless today. They are tossed around as insults by the simpleminded.

Those republicans claiming Biden’ victory was the result of election fraud that were elected or re-elected in the same election not be sworn into office until their claims have been settled. That includes Ms. Herrell of our 2nd district.

The physical and cultural genocide of native people is hardly making an omelette. And if murder and theft are the benefits of civilization, we’re in pretty sad shape. And finally, why is it when people of color march, protest and knock over statues for social justice, they are anarchists,…

Many of your brave and courageous soldiers and settlers pursued policies of forced removal, land theft and genocide against the people that had lived here for many generations.

Fortunately, I don’t need the money but too many Americans find themselves in dire financial shape. Federal assistance should focus on the unemployed and small businesses struggling to stay afloat. Republicans could care less. They are only concerned with protecting their power and wealth…

The last few republican administrations have left country in disastrous circumstances that the democrats did admirable jobs cleaning up. Herrell’s actions are representative of a political party only concerned with holding on to power for it’s own sake and care very little, if anything at…

And dashers, prancers and vixens too.

How about when trump stops blaming Obama for everything?

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