Michael Kiley

That will reduce the pandemic risk and increase the average intelligence in both places.

Good. Lujan Grisham was recently featured on the New York Times front page as the most effective and successful US governor at handling the pandemic.

Now. Start every school day with the pearly chimes of Jerry Garcia's steel guitar and CSNY's hymn to intergenerational amity, Teach Your Children.

"Union" is a pejorative now that really means collective bargaining, and we need this for all workers for one reason: I have tried individual bargaining, and it does not work.

A breath of fresh air for New Mexicans. Stop the coal burning. Stop the methane venting . Fine noncompliant pandemic rule employers. And Game officers need staff to enforce the trap ban.

Yes. Also, even legal pot is very expensive. High personal use number of plants limits allow people who wish to grow most of their own.

Yes! And a huge tax revenue boon. And people can grow their own. But WAIT. No pot for children (pot harms growing brains), and that means no pot infused sweets, which have ben found to have very high THC levels. Don't worsen the children's pandemic learning drought.

A quantum jump from Trump's 'duh, let the states do it and pay for it' and McConnell's 'full speed backwards.'

Nonsense. The Trump postmaster general is to blame, the President needs to replace the Postal Commission members, to fire and arrest him for obstruction of the mails. Every mail carrier is warned by the local postmaster to finish on time, else they are subject to surveillance by the US Po…

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