Matthew Rawlings

Looks who's in charge. Must be working.

Could have seen this coming from a mile away. Voters, take note. And PNM ratepayers and investors hold those executives accountable for the terrible decisions they are making with regard to you our energy future. Less energy, more costs. Sound good?

Exactly. However, I don't think even the Santa Fe Ring can put this Genie back in bottle. Might be wake up call for voters.

Good points.

Best source for permitting is WaterBank.

These new grow operaters should contact WaterBank in Albuquerque at 505-843-7643 if they need water permits. They have a good tract record and get the job done.

A $6.9 million dollar carport?!! Nothin but the best for NM's state employees.

NM is a oil and gas producing state and has some of the richest deposits in the world. Not to mention this industry provides very high paying jobs and all of the benefits that come with it. The climate change warriors can't have that. Why?

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