Mark Edwards

You are 100% on point.

Let's start at the end of your comment and move froward.

The shelter has had MILLIONS pass through there doors since there inception. They operate there shelter like a slot machine. Every homeless person is a commodity to them. The more they feed the mor…

I would say it's time to expose those salaries. Let the fine people of S.F have the opportunity to see where there donations and fundraising $$$$$$ are being spent

Well said MR. Jones.

After years of countless meetings with every part of every administration I can only come up with one conclusion. Weber doesn't care nor does Lindell what happens to the homeless on Harrison or the other residents and businesses on the south side. And as far as …

Every day we are forced to witness the use of drugs and alcohol and the ridiculous behavior that ensues on Harrison Road from our location - screaming, nudity, assaults, overdoses, urination, defecation and intimidation. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to deduce that there is an obvious c…

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