Diane Gonzales

Agreed. When people are given the opportunity to buy a home they are investing in their future by allowing for equity to build up in their home. A family dreams of having their own home with a yard and space to grow. I have never heard of a family saying they want to be stuck in an apartm…

It's good to see that there are counselors that are remaining neutral in the mayor's race. That's the professional thing to do.

It sounds like it's taking a lot of creativity in covering classes. Hopefully, people will see a way to work in the schools. Maybe asking retired teachers to be substitutes might be something to explore.

She admitted denigrating Native Americans. Is it the actual words you'd like to hear?

I went to St. Francis for grades 1-8. Great memories of that place! I am glad she is thinking of keeping the character of the building. It's a Santa Fe treasure.

Good points to bring up. I also wonder why Pat Vincent-Collawn feels the need to defend Avangrid. Could be the $19,040,958 payout she will get should the merger go through.

Wouldn't it make sense that teachers really wanting to teach would vaccinate since they would be around vulnerable children? I would hope there are 30 people out there willing to teach and vaccinate.

The trials for vaccinating kids 5 yrs. - 11 yrs. old will be completed soon and they will be ready for that age group around the first part of December. These trials have been slower than the others because of the age group. It will certainly be a big sigh of relief when they start inocul…

I found it startling that the rector would threaten so brazenly. Not only is the Church getting into the election but seems to be assisting in the division that plagues us.

It's apparent Webber felt he, and he alone, would make the final decision about the downtown monuments. For all the talk he pushed of dialogue and conversation, it feels that was only done to placate the community because his plans were already in place. Milan makes excellent points of ho…

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