John Puerner

Story says 201 have "recovered" which I think means they've tested negative. I'm reading the 59 is a current number in hospital beds.

Huh? I have use for Trump.

Two new cases in Santa Fe. Encouraging.

Off topic

Good question. Can Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube, etc. stay open but the big dealership service centers need to close?

....recinded within a few hors.

I hope the New Mexican is not swallowing this whole and is asking a lot of questions and will update this story. I read the press release, and it's very vague. Define what is meant by a car dealership. Do the large dealer service centers need to close, but Pep Boys can stay open? Does thi…

This is way too vague. Automotive retail operations are already closed. Does this apply to parts and service operations?

I shop at Market Street and they are trying hard to do the right thing. Today a gentleman was at the door helping to wipe down cart handles. I’d say 90% of the shoppers had masks and or gloves during senior hours. Everyone was mindful of spacing. The self checkout stations were being clea…

One time Constance. Just for 2020. Why are you so opposed?

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