Matthew Trujillo

The Governor has stated that she admits that purchase looks bad, and that she feels the pain of the New Mexico people. This does not look bad, but in is a bad purchase

Her willingness to not admit it like such just shows now she isn't in touch with the needs of struggling New Mexica…

This seems to be the norm with high payed government employees. It is not a matter of what is convenient. How do we as New Mexicans trust a person working from the comfort of his home from the east coast. This to me shows he has no stake in New Mexico ,when he is not even working or livin…

Once again and idea that does not take locals input. I used to like to go down town but their is nothing for the locals any more. I suspect that city leaders will cave in to the business owners request. This is not even for safety reasons. It all about money. Santa Fe always for sale.

For those of you that thought Mr. Boyd had any stake in our community or in the Santa Fe Public Schools. Think again. Mr. Boyd is a selfish man to not see through the terms of the five year plan. When are we and especially the school board going to realize that bringing outsiders doesn't a…

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