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Mark Specter

You're right Chris but the DA can't prosecute a case that the police didn't investigate or collect evidence for. It's tough to tell where the problem starts.

Chris brings knowledge and cites precedent. All you bring is righteous indignation.

I have a lot of compassion for them but your reply is irrelevant. I am talking about the LE coverup, not the family.

Most judges run unopposed. This isn't a partisan issue. We're all getting screwed.

Someone should tell SFPD that it is actually their job to collect evidence and ensure the safety and compliance of witnesses. Starting to think police work in this town is just hitting the gym and sitting on those fancy laptops in parking lots.

Wonder if SFPD will collect enough evidence to keep him in jail this time? Just to remind everyone, this scumbag shot a kid in a parking lot with plenty of witnesses but SFPD didn't go through those witnesses' phones and so didn't have evidence to prosecute the case. So now this murderer …

More thin blue line BS brought to you by utterly ineffective policing in this state. Wonder when DoJ will get involved.

Slap on the wrist. School officials should have been charged with criminal negligence.

But nothing for training? Half the problem is that violent offenders get off because of slow responses and poor evidence collection/processing. You might catch more folks with this plan, but you're not going to keep them locked up any longer.

Time to send a message, Santa Fecinos! Vote this bum out the next chance we get!

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