Mark Ortiz

P.S. If he gave a rat's arse, he'd get those Fuego players out of the Greentree Inn and into safer digs.

Mark Ortiz commented on Moon prepares to rebuild Braves

God complex? 1st I'm a Demon graduate that supports them and the Jags. 2nd, I applaud the majority of people who give their time, effort, and care to coach, 27 years, God bless the man 3nd, I don't know the man but he definitely didn't chose his words wisely AT ALL. A mess huh? I wonder i…

Of course megalomaniac Webber did this. He literally has ZERO self-awareness. He became mayor raising over 300K, 95% of that from wealthy anglos ups on the east side or from out of state. I cringe that he's wearing that jersey. He proudly represents the elite class in this city and occasi…

Mark Ortiz commented on Trails beckon while knee grumbles

Welcome to Santa Fe Sean. Thanks for you reporting.

Not trying to be thick in the head but who is on the Ethics and Campaign Review Board and who appointed them? I looked on the City web site and see they haven't met since Feb 28, 2019. It lists Justin Miller, Judith Amer, Paul Bideman, Ruth Kovnat, Kristina Martinez, not present Tara Luja…

LOL, WOW!! It takes all kinds I guess, photojournalism policing. Didn't know that was a thing.

Anywho, thanks for the coverage Will and Jim. Go Fuego!! And a big CONGRATS to Matt Barela.

On the nose Tim. This BS prompted me to vote for Susanna "the 1st" time. But, I'm no novice, whatever candidate Steve Pearce pulls out of his arse, I will not be voting for. In the end, I'll hold my nose and vote. It won't be my first or last time and for that, I am so sad and fed up.

WHOA!!! Bernalillo County Sheriff Gonzales is running as a Democrat? Cajones like a mother......

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You do realize animals don't do this sort of thing, right?

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