Lynn k Allen

Very true and will become increasingly true.

Where is the effort to protect wildlife... & that includes insects, birds, and small critters we rarely see but lived in the areas they are bulldozing ??

We can ant all the pollinators but all the other creatures that were living here still wouldn't have a home.

Too late NOW, but such dramatic increase in homes only Out If Area people could afford, reminds me of the complete lack of control by our local government.

We are in an enforced time out by covid from polluting our planet and are seriously considering ways to abate climate change. W…

The planned slowdown of the US POSTAL Service will affect ALL mail from All Federal agencies, as that is the only way they contact you.

Watch out for delays in mailed in filing Taxes, notices from them, and mailed checks.

Biden has been working on this, but only the overseeing…

So True. Trump appointed a CEO from a competitive shipper who has done his best to dismantle the US POSTAL system. He dismantled sorting machines, cut hours & overtime and mandated LATER START TIMES FOR MAIL CARRIERS.

Contact your federal representatives.

Mayor Webber, the rising gun violence rate HAS TO BE ADDRESSED BY THE CITY!

Police one are insufficient in determining the WHY and how to prevent gun violence.

I ask you to lead and institute real changes affecting increased gun violence in Sant Fe.

In Spain DWI convictions lose their drivers license FOR LIFE!

We need to get serious & convict those potential DWI killers.

Drive without a drivers license should be mandatory 8 years in jail for endangering the public.

Get serious about DRUNK DRIVERS!

Protect …

If someone refuses a vaccine, they should also sign a waver for the severe and extensive medical treatments from the virus.

If you refuse, don't punish our beleaguered medical personnel & system for your ideology.

The "report" from. CHRIS Ramirez on channel 4 was a shocking regression into Fox News mud raking. The "Digressionary Fund" is digressionary... Hay Chris, can we see your expense accounts ? Are you a MAGMA loyalist? Channel 4 has lost a viewer.

New Mexico has maintained the best prac…

Thank you for keeping this being behind bars.

Thank you.

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