Lynn k Allen

All of the extraction industries pose this same risk to damage the environment them not be responsible for restoring it. Why are SURITY BONDS and Liability Insurance not mandatory for companies filing for permits? Having liability insurance is something every vehicle owner must have to re…

I am truly enjoying these times when we are NOT bombarded by Trump. I am grateful NOT hearing about Trump & his hate spewing.

Can't you find anything better to do?

Bully with a gas pedal, bully with a gun. Same thing. Same mentality.

2 accidents in 2 weeks ??.... "The water spill should be a reminder that the plutonium facility’s work is done by people, and people make mistakes, said Scott Kovac, research and operations director for the nonprofit Nuclear Watch New Mexico."

Well this is supposed to be one of the …

In those other situations, people are not shoulder to shoulder and singing in a packed indoor space.

Germs, viruses and small things floating in the air have no regard for blessings.

I woukd hope God would understand and be able to see inside your hearts weather you commune in…

Republicans employ tactics of " over talking" any and every content they disagree with with no regard or respect to the tenants of debate or conversation.

Until the Republican Party proves it can be a respectful grown up, don't invite them to the grown up's table. Let them stay at t…

Can we use any of the pandemic relief funds to assist them to moving there permanently? Minimally it would benefit our covid rates.

Very true and will become increasingly true.

Where is the effort to protect wildlife... & that includes insects, birds, and small critters we rarely see but lived in the areas they are bulldozing ??

We can ant all the pollinators but all the other creatures that were living here still wouldn't have a home.

Too late NOW, but such dramatic increase in homes only Out If Area people could afford, reminds me of the complete lack of control by our local government.

We are in an enforced time out by covid from polluting our planet and are seriously considering ways to abate climate change. W…

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