Lupe Molina

Lol. Nothing? From none of you? Bunch of cry babies.

The most dangerous place on earth?! Its a scary place, that fantasy world of yours Dr. Mike.

Name one measure that you can prove was outside of her authority as governor. Just one thing, clearly stated.

Yeah, John gets it. If a couple hundred dollars a week and a questionnaire that violates your privacy is still preferable to getting a job, maybe the problem is with the jobs. Working less than minimum wage as wait staff or a cashier just so people can act rude and morally superior frankl…

Even in a year of strange events, who thought we'd see the city make a folk hero out of Stefanie Beninato?

If you have an emergency, better off calling a Jimmy Johns that delivers. Lacking is a massive understatement. I've called APD twice about crimes in progress and they straight up didn't arrive...ever. They should clean house and start from scratch.

Nobody cares about your opinions. Everyone just wants you and your shrinking band of racists cowards to go away.

Melt away snowflake. They broke windows to trespass and killed a cop. That, by very definition is deadly and a riot.

Well I only need one reason then to tell you to stay home while the rest of society carries on. Are"entitlement" and "privelege" included in your your 18 reasons?

Oh good. Glad to know who I'm paying too much to continue the wasteful security theater at the FBI with the purpose of only keeping their budget artificially inflated.

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