Lupe Molina

And you're NOT a conspiracy theorist?

But what could we do to make you leave sooner? Like now.

Who would have thought? Dr. Mike first on the draw to attack a woman in power again. Predictable as clockwork.

Oh, okay. Well good for you, that when the facts don't fit your narrative, you just deny science and research. But you can just say "I am a conspiracy theorist," you don't have to be so vague and wordy.

You actually have to look at the stats. It doesn't matter what you fathom. The link Mr. Spencer posted says quite clearly in the intro that crime, including homicide has been trending down over the last many decades nationwide.

But she didn't pause, she went on the counterattack without investigating it more. It would be easy as pie to say "I haven't seen the images in question but I denounce anything that objectifies the religion or ethnicity of my opponent. Now, let's get back to the issues." Instead, still op…

This is just not true, its an outright lie. Crime has trended downward for decades across the country.

I am no big fan of the mayor's tenure but this comments section is pretty gross. I'm pretty surprised the paper did not include the images they reference but if they are what is described here, both organizations should issue apologies. And a suggestion to Councilor Vigil Coppler: if the …

Public shelter at midtown = a couple dozen homeless Americans.

Jesus was a refugee, ya know.

Weird, Mike. No matter what the topic, you always find a way to attack women in power.

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