Lupe Molina

Oof. Time to get a real job, John.

You need written or drawn instructions for putting on a face mask? Who is responsible for dressing you?

For all those complaining about the governor's handling of this situation: are you doctors? Epidemiologists? Are any of you actually even economists? No? Then listen to them. They're the experts. You're not.

Hmmm. I actually don't think real doctors should ever have to explain their methodology to fake ones...

Khal, all three of those countries also got the message that cyber attacks are more to their benefit. And we spend woefully little on defending against those because we have to prop up the bureaucrats and contractors from a antiquated revolution in military affairs.

Indeed, more Ame…

I was ready to vote for Leger Fernandez but now I am less sure. Spending this kind of money on technology to fight a non-war that ended 30 years ago is asinine. Especially while so many New Mexicans go hungry or are out of work. Stop the military industrial complex and commit to taking ca…

Ranked choice voting was a major improvement to our election process. It's the kind of reform mindedness that we need in DC.

Hey, Bill gets it! Thank you!

This is just not true. The doctors ARE THE EXPERTS. Here is the CDC recommendation for masks. They do definitively recommend them.

There are people in this city who gave everything to escape fascism. Your comment is beyond the pale.

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