Leonard Trejo

Furr,s was my very first job dishwashing in high school minimum wage was 3.20 an hour what a memory , to bad back then everything was made from scratch so long.

Because he's a city official and probably knows people in the system he gets a free ride and a get out of jail free card anyone else would have to face the charges pretty sad.

I am a person who has filed unemployment since august last year i certified every week was active, sight said i was paid every week to this day haven't received a check pretty sad also can never get through on the phones they just don't answer them

Another violent criminal goes free due to the incompetence of the court system,but you'll get sent to jail on a simple traffic ticket.

So Webber that's the best you can do that you were "Mislead" what do you think you've been doing to Santa Feans since you took office i think it's time to resign, don't you?

Webber needs to be removed from office Santa Fe can't put up with his lies anymore wherever this statue is it needs to be stored in a real safe place . Thanks to zron ztrujillo for reporting this lie he needs to be our Mayor.

Another arrogant insensitive dumb republican.

These parks were thriving in the 80's every day there were city employees taking care of these areas now no one goes to these psrks not even to walk a pet, the drug dealers as nd homeless have taken over. There was YAFL practice and games now you have to fear drugs and crime in these park…

Also why can't we help the people of santa fe first

Dsrn 126 republicans just got shot down in the Supreme Court a Court your lying cheating President put in place what more do you need you people are as dumb and sad as he is wake up do your job

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