Lisa Burns

Im tired of everyone wanting to move all of their problems to the Southside or Airport Rd. The midtown campus would have room for everyone, with no adjacent businesses that share the street. And there would be room there for a mental health facility. Many mental health conditions can be t…

Stop politicizing mitigation of a virus!! That is the reason why we are in the mess we are in.

What makes you think New Mexico is not fast growing and also facing diminishing supplies of water from both the sky and underground?

I have love in my heart for all of the healthcare workers that are on the front lines. I have love in my heart for my fellow man, my neighbors, my family. I have love in my heart for our Governor who is doing her best under very difficult circumstances to keep New Mexico safe. I am behind…

The headline of this article is completely misleading. The blame should be placed squarely on COVID-19 not our governor who is trying her best to keep us safe. Disappointed in SFNM for this headline.

Thank you Janet! Bravo! for that comment..

Agree!! Our governor is doing a fantastic job!

Orale’ ! Viva MLG!!

Seriously, this is a huge thing for this actress to donate to our tiny community !!!! The news cycle and the enormity of everything has concealed the nature of this incredible giving, to our community in Santa Fe.

There is so much fear, that we do not recognize a gift horse when we …

This president compared the ratings of his news conferences to the finale of The Bachelor. He really thinks every time he takes the stage he is in a reality TV show.

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