jeff warren

People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You are the one that has no credibility!

And some nut, like the ambulance chasing lawyer in Chicago that is suing, would make your life miserable, and eat up all your proceeds in legal fees. Person was smart. I was going to do the same thing, and even go so far as to mailing proof, and mr. Fenn's bracelet from a place at least 5…

This second attempt, the first never posted.. If Fenn was so worried and it was a hoax, why not just wait until he passed away, and no facing of any music. To your other point, so.e peopleike myself are not interested in becoming famous. This way the guy is rich, has the satisfaction of t…

Could not agree more with your statement.

Why not just wait until he passed away, then he would have to not face any music? It was real. And the finder is rich now, and goes not have to become "famous", with all the problems that brings. No he/she will just ride off into the sunset with their loot! Sounds like jealously to me. I …

there is a picture of it in his book, probably looked the same when found

We shall see...I still think it was near wood river, at the foot of brown mountain, near brown mountain campground, above the hot springs of Thermopolis, Wyoming. Wood river area is not far but "too far to walk" about 15 miles west of Meeteetsee, Wyoming in Shoshone National forest. But t…

I agree, where is the personal responsibility. He didn't make anyone go look for the treasure. Anyone suing is going to get laughed out of court.

I agree, and thank you Forrest...did not find it but had a blast, and saw some gorgeous country during the hunt.

I agree

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