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When the government gets involved in housing like this, our experience is that they tend to waive all of the zoning and building code requirements that the private sector must abide by. It's funny how height limits disappear, access/road/driveway requirements disappear, density limitation…

Ignorance spreads faster than Covid. And it's not just about the vaccine. It's also our political leaders who continue to issue mandates that imply the vaccine is irrelevant. That includes our governor and our president, both of whom seem remarkably ignorant of the benefits of getting the…

PNM is a badly run power monopoly that has kept NM in the dark ages. Ask anyone trying to build a new home. It can take years to get service and you have to pay for all of it, including running the power lines down public roads at a very high cost thanks to PNM's monopolistic practices an…

Good story and thanks to the families that continue to honor the noble guys who endured or died on that awful march.

just more feather-bedding garbage from the unions. More pay for no work, and then go after the people who do work.

loscuervos commented on Smoke seen from Ski Santa Fe

Interesting that the Forest Service decides to start the fire on a day that had a high risk fire warning, potential 25 mph winds, and poor air quality already. These were called ideal conditions for starting a 550 acre controlled burn?

The goals of this endeavor should include the aggregate reduction in the light pollution that is currently harming our city, and not just a cost reduction. Right now, it seems more like the parking meter situation. Parking fees are doubled, the city outsources the project, and we end up w…

payraises for city workers? seriously? Is that on the agenda? Or did I hear the mayor say that this funding is a one-time event.

If this is not evidence of the City's incompetence to engage in such expansive projects.... richard reinders and some of the others on this chain are right. We don't need another community group group session that will just make any project even more difficult to fulfill.

Welcome to LANB and its employees. Though Santa Fe is full of cuckoos and hard lefties, they are a small small and constantly angry group. The rest of us 95% are mostly normal people looking to find ways to improve our local economy.

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