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Los Alamos Joe commented on Limiting oil and gas hurts N.M. schools

I appreciate the writer's concerns, but fossil fuels will not go away immediately. We have no substitute for natural gas to heat our homes in New Mexico or to use as feed stocks for the production of chemicals and polymers. The latter need will continue into the foreseeable future, so pet…

Generally, dishonest people project their proclivities on others. If a Clerk and her staff cannot be trusted, why should anyone believe that a challenger will not use a social security number for dishonest purposes? Also, there representatives of both parties should be present when a deci…

The Working Families Party has a well-defined constituency and a concisely described set of goals. Their statement could be improved to suit my taste, but it is easy to understand. It would be helpful if the Democratic Party and the Republican Party could do the same.

Perhaps, we should all grow up and abandon our hypocracy.

More evidence that too many Trump supporters lack a firm grasp of reality.

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