Joe Danna

Did you read the editorial? That is what she said, but she wants to do it in a reasoned manner. Societies perish when they cannot adjust.

It is encouraging that Republicans are beginning to realize that the US is dependent upon China and other countries for basic medical supplies, medicines and consumer goods. Hopefully, they will also realize that the outsourcing of production is a direct result of minimally regulated capi…

This is a somber analysis, but we must learn to live in the world as it is - not as we wish it were. It makes no sense to resume a way a life that may end our lives, until we have adequate PPE and safe practice guidelines have been established for everyone. The US over-reliance on the ser…

Los Alamos Joe commented on Lujan Grisham fires back at Grants mayor

You should recall that there was and is a shortage of masks for medical personnel. We still don't have an adequate supply of masks, because the US lacks the capacity to produce the masks and is dependent on production in other countries, like China. Whereas some universities and businesse…

The smart choice is the smart choice, regardless of your perceived notions pertaining to motives. Go Gov!

Whenever it seems that the virus has been eliminated in a county like Santa Fe, new cases appear a few days later. What are the post-infection interviews revealing? Are the cases linked to one another, outside travel, or visitors? If there are unidentified carriers in the population, ever…

Good analysis. The difference between 19 and 22, in itself, is not noteworthy.

These governors are not "lazy"; they are simply ignorant. Like our President, they lack the knowledge and critical thinking skills to understand the data and make rational decisions.

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