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The whole city gets a large chunk of its tourism revenue during Indian Market — a “virtual” market would have a major effect on hotels, restaurants, etc.


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“Bill Gates met with Jeffrey Epstein many times, despite his past” according to the NYTimes article at

nytimes.com/2019/10/12/business/jeffrey-epstein-bill-gates.html (that also mentions Bill Richardson and Santa Fe Institute co-founder Murray Gell-Mann).

This is one of many r…


“Is it being a little hyped-up in the media?” Prince William asks rhetorically near the end of the story. Most Americans would say yes — but not the tyrannical officials issuing lockdown orders as if they were medieval monarchs (with a devastating effect for millions of people).



At least ½-dozen treasure-hunters have now died over several years, despite the fact that it’s been almost 3 years since NMSP Chief Pete Kassetas told reporters that Fenn should retrieve the treasure from wherever he hid it and stop what he called nonsense and insanity.

And how does…


Remember Jeffrey Epstein and Woody Allen have been photographed together walking in the super-exclusive neighborhood near Central Park where their luxurious homes were only a block apart. They both were born and raised around Coney Island in Brooklyn.

Allen met Soon-Yi Previn when s…


Re: “LANL is integral part of Santa Fe economy”; “Open to city’s opportunity” — More deadening 9-to-5 office buildings are the last thing SF needs.

Midtown is one of the few areas of SF where people can actually live car-free, since it is within walking/biking/bus-riding distance of…


Re: “Now more than ever, we need to support our community” — Yes, local small businesses should always be conscientiously supported, especially since government seems always to be making life difficult for them in favor of big-box stores and more monied interests.

Re: “Far from earl…


“Alternative B ... would increase traffic on Richards Avenue by up to 51 percent but reduce it by up to 56 percent on Avenida de las Campanas.”

Just about a dozen homes actually front onto Richards just north of Siringo, i.e., the stretch where traffic would increase.

By contr…


It’s worth noting that the SF Sheriff’s Department complex where the photos were taken (on Turquoise Trail) includes the SF County jail, where LANL scientist Dr. Wen Ho Lee once spent nine months shackled in solitary confinement.

Dr. Lee eventually received a 1½-million-dollar settl…


Kudos to Sheriff Mendoza for his misgivings — anyone can accuse anyone of anything for any reason, including malice.

Earlier this week the paper included a “courtesy photo” mugshot of a 64-year-old Pecos man in a jail jumpsuit. According to the 11th paragraph of the story, his arres…

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