Samuel Herrera

Now the DA will know how the public feels about her giving the Obelisk Defendants a slap on the wrist.

Welcome to our country.

The Town does not owe him an apology. The incompetent Mayor and lax DA owe out town an apology for unleashing this melee.

Well said. Thank you Andrew

Why bother looking for the culprit? The DA will not pursue the culprit and have them do the restorative justice dance where they have the victim sit in a room with them and tell them what a bad thing they did. Just like the criminals who tore down the Obelisk. If the DA actually does pros…

The Mayor is responsible for all of this. He worked with the 3 Sisters to unleash all of this. If he wants this community to come together, then he should resign, not seek re-election, and go back to where he came from.

Fire the DA. Vote her out on her next election. Fire the mayor. Vote him out next election. To the new mayor: fire the police chief. City counselors Lindell and Villarreal should be given their walking papers too for coddling the criminals who destroyed the obelisk

Yes, the church is voting for Weber.

This is the same church that wants to refuse communion to Biden?

The real reason the Fuegos pulled it down is because they don’t want to be associated with a toxic divisive mayor who is going to lose the next election.

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