Samuel Herrera

The Mayor and Police Chief need to resign. One question raised by councilor Michael Garcia asked an important question which both the mayor and the Chief have evaded: why didn’t they leave alone the guy who chained himself to the obelisk a day before? They patted themselves on the back fo…

If Mayor Weber loved our community like he says, he would resign. He is a failure at leading. No one should participate in any Truth and Reconciliation anything until he steps down.

The Mayor, the Police Chief, and the City Attorney should resign.

Go back to Europe.

Mayor Weber would you grow some and quit begging? Let them stay chained to the obelisk and ignore them. Pray for rain and snow.

Only in New Mexico. I love it. I hope Weber replaces his blown head gasket.

Actually Daniel, the commission WAS NOT broad based. It was designed to pit the Hispanics against the Native Americans and vice versa but failed to include any mention of the atrocities committed by the Anglos against the Hispanics. It was a purely divide and conquer move by Weber to keep…

Good. Ben Ray has nothing to gain and everything to lose by debating two losers. Let the white guys debate themselves into oblivion.

Who would have thought someone could make a living being an etiquette police. I thought that is why America broke away from the British.

I am sure bigger and better things await the owners. For now, I am sure the animals that died to be put on their plates will appreciate the reprieve.

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