Leo Ortiz

LOL...sounds about right. May the best woman win!

Yay, I am so happy to read this. Vigil -Coppler asks the right questions, keeps people in check, and I believe she has the SF citizens back. Santa Fe - be ready for wonderful change. Thank you Vigil-coppler for your public service.

Seriously! Lawsuits against the Governor? What a waste of time and resources when these businesses should be a solution to the problem not adding to the problem.

Can we fix the problems plaguing WIPP first and find the root of all problems that affect the safety there before storing this high-level crap. Seriously, I thought the environment department already had up to its knees with charging fines for violations to DOE. Please fix these problems first.

Stay off the tracks....how hard is that to do.

In general, are people safe to live and work in Los Alamos based on the contents of this article? This is radiation we are talking about here; something that doesn't decay for millions of years and can cause significant long-term biological problems to humans and living organisms. I saw th…

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