Pam Walker

Some of us are not all that excited. There will never be enough money in my little budget to purchase one. Living in the country also is another reason. My newest car right now is a 2002. It is what it is and hopefully they won't shove it on us to soon.

The roads are a nightmare right now. Whether on your bike or in a car you see stupidity. I drive from Velarde to Santa Fe every day and would not even think of riding my bike with people going 70 in the construction 40 mph zone weaving in and out and around the barriers. Prayers for his f…

You got that right.

I wonder the same thing Mr. Johnson. And before all you folks jump all over me I am fully vaccinated including the booster. Whatever you are doing isn't working so maybe you should talk to some of the other states doing a whole lot better.

If these people spent more time and money on the real problems going on and less on stuff like this we might see some kind of improvement. They have already spent years trying to take down President Trump and those of us that support him will never be swayed.

My heart goes out to these Officers in the understaffed facilities. Been there done that goes into my feelings. The money is good with overtime but you are tired to the bone from working so many hours. The stress level is over the top not knowing when you walk in if you will be able to go…

In 6 years or less he will be back on the streets after killing his friend. They always blame the drugs.

Not something to brag about.

Extremely good article and could possibly save another young persons life if the parents take time to read it.

This is just plain scary. Back in my druggie days, 30-40 years ago the drugs were clean and you knew what you were getting into. Didn't prevent addictions but not near as many over dosed. Date drugs, synthetics and all the other stuff didn't even exist. I can't imagine buying anything now…

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