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I would love a cat! And kittens are so darn cute. I have fostered a grown-up cat named Junior and loved him. But I have never really experienced kittens. My good friend Rena has lots of experience and she has suggested that if I want to adopt one, get an older one. Who has already been li…

$1,000 per night?!? I looked at the pictures of the rooms and there is nothing that justifies that price. Nor do the lodge's amenities.

Let me try again...There is nothing about the location or the rooms or any of the amenities to make staying there for $1,000 per night. No wonder they're going bankrupt. And it shouldn't have taken 6 years to renovate or rebuilt.

There is nothing about the location or the rooms or the

“A small group of people, with absolutely crazy ideas and policies, is forcing these changes to destroy our culture and heritage,” he wrote. He is Trump.

I guess Trump doesn't know the history of how the Europeans, and he is one by the way, subjugated the Native Americans. I know Tr…

How did these 4 barbarians find each other?

Barry, New Mexico and Santa Fe have been in a drought for so many years, I don't think the water supply can provide enough for too many more people. That's just reality.

30 yrs ago, a good friend was water restricted in drought impacted northern Calif, and he was amazed how much he reduced his usage by using "Navy" showers (learned in the Navy), as in wet yourself, shut off water, soap your body, turn water back on to rinse. Keep a bucket in the shower to…

LifeIsGood commented on A look at the new Levittown

I love the idea!!! I've read a number of articles about the Levittown's in the East (there are at least 3, maybe 4), one written by a now adult who grew up in one. He explained that yes, back in the late 40's and 50's, the houses were identical, but when he went back years later, so many …

" in January 2016 after he dangled a 9 percent interest rate per month." Per month?!? Is this a misprint?

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