Leo Catelli

I'd bet on average, there are more people with higher IQs in Texas compared to New Mexico.

People here are cartoonishly portraying them as all low IQ rednecks, but the reality is Texas is an incredibly diverse state. Lots of diverse industry there, plenty of high-caliber universitie…

I'd bet they're on...vacation. It's close enough to drive to, change of scenery, etc.

Don't we all do that if possible?

Unfortunately, if you're not from here or you're a non-Hispanic "Anglo" (a lazily used term, since many white people have zero Anglo-Saxon heritage), it's hard to break out of the "outsider" group from locals.

I can't blame locals for being frustrated by all the super wealthy transp…

He has a point. It’s not cynical to see the reality of a situation...holding a sign or a bumper sticker isn’t going to make a relatively intelligent person change their opinion. If someone is swayed merely by a sign, they probably shouldn’t vote.

It'd be interesting if someone did a wide-scale survey from people of various pueblos and tribes to see what the statistics were on how they felt about this.

This article interviews one individual, does he represent the voice of the community? I don't know, but it'd be interesting t…

I’m not denying military wrongdoing, but this specific protest in Santa Fe seems to be more about framing this injustice as a racial issue. The murder appears to be unrelated to race, as someone commented the murdered was black, which I did not know, I merely am pointing out it seems to b…

How is this being framed as an issue of white privileged? The woman’s murder is horrendous, and I can understand the connection to protesting about sexual assault being ignored, but the people interviewed saying this is also because she was Mexican American?

I’ve seen nothing to sug…

It looks like the police had more important matters to attend to.

Don’t get me wrong, if someone was parking in a handicap spot that wasn’t supposed to be, that’s really self absorbed and rude. But, comparatively, to a potential shooting spree, pretty trivial.

It's funny many of the white people interviewed or shown in photos are the cliche, washed-out hippie stereotypes of Santa Fe. I'd suggest the reporter interview some more middle-of-the-road and sensible types, but I guess it's possible they weren't there.

Someone having a different perspective that is critical or just skeptical of the approach to all of this doesn't automatically make them a supporter of systemic racism.

We aren't living in a truly democratic nation if people on either side are unable to hear out or accept that not e…

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