Laurie Buffer

Actually, Paul, no I would NOT have made the call. I would not have been willing to compromise anyones' business by going against HER "rules". You need to stop drinking the Kool-aid.

I hope the New Mexican follow up on this story......

I hope the New Mexican follows up on this story....

I hope the New Mexican follows up on this story.....



I just read the same article ~ finally states are starting to report the "true" numbers, not the "assumed" numbers. Maybe New Mexico will follow their lead, don't hold your breathe tho.


The Governor needs to answer for her decision to give the COVID-19 contract to Genesis Healthcare. With all of the outstanding lawsuits and other egregious allegations there is no way this company should have gotten this lucrative "deal".

Lisa ~ going to a salon on an appt only basis seems safer and probably cleaner than going to Walmart or other large stores with groups of people shopping together, touching all the produce, toys, etc and not a lot of "social distancing"! Just my opinion...

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