Kirk Holmes

Picturesque historic part of the state that we visit at least a half dozen times a year. Maybe some of that “free-for-all” infrastructure money can go to this part of the state? Doubtful. That money will stay in Santa Fe & Abq - as usual. However, thanks to Gov Martinez (when she was …

Had a niece and her 3 classmates killed in an instant in Illinois back in 1982 by a drunk driver that had priors. All 4 had just graduated from high school the week before. 40 years later, our’s and their families have never recovered. Whether it’s felon in possession of a firearm committ…

Highly possible Rittenhouse will stand to become extremely wealthy within the next few years after his attorneys “finish” those that baselessly defamed the young man, and continue to do so - POTUS will be one of many defendants that will “quietly” settle.



America - 1

Criminals - 0

Later Holmes commented on Rittenhouse cleared of all charges

Good for him. Can’t wait for the “new transformative Anti-American rioters” to start burning buildings and looting in show of their support and solidarity of criminals.


It’s phrased ……. C’mon Man! And don’t forget to sport those Joe Cool shades when saying it 😎

I propose a name change. "A Bridge to Nowhere" seems appropriate.

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