KK Hannegan


Wagu beef? Tuna steaks? EXPENSIVE! And booze?!! No booze at government meetings. Ever. People are lined up at food pantries. New Mexicans are receiving EBT during this pandemic to feed their families. And the governor serves high end gourmet foods and booze at government meetings. This is…


When can this mayor be voted out? It's baffling that this guy is mayor of Santa Fe. He should be back in Portland. There's a complete culture clash with this guy. So very wrong for The City. He doesn't get it. I dread seeing what he does to The Plaza.


KKHannegan commented on Back to school? Speed up vaccines

Schools should not open until all teachers and staff have received the vaccine; and until the schools have hospital quality air ventilation systems. All students age 16 and older should receive the vaccine.

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