Kimberly Duran

Do research into Weber's background and his connection to child pedophilia in Oregon.

Repair the election process so these candidates are no longer getting "selected".

Google search is biased against conservative politics so try another search engine like Duck Duck Go.

Why would anyone take a vaccine that states it does not give immunity? Isn't that what a vaccine is supposed to do?

This paper is nothing but fear mongering and propaganda. Wake up Santa Fe! It's so sad to see the many that have bought the lies.

What no one is talking about is MLG's involvement with Drug Cartels and child trafficking. The coverup with CYFD, email deletions and her on-going shut down of schools with no monitoring of at risk children is proof of her true regard for NM children and families. She says what people wan…

The Mayor and City Council are meeting tonight to discuss extending the mask mandate. In letters to the Mayor, he has stated his approval for the measure based on a study funded by the Gates Foundation. Hmmmm

Yeah Ron for being awake and speaking your truth!

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