Kay Bird

Would have been far more touching if he had given them tours of their new homes. Paid for by the Vatican's extensive arts collection.

I got to hear Bill's stories during a hike last year. I feel honored that I got to meet him and learn a bit of all that he knew.

"A lot of funding" needed to create housing and treatment for people who are homeless is already being spent; in police call time, in emergency department visits, in EMT time. These costs would be virtually eliminated through permanent housing with support services. Lifelink is a b…

I wasn't worried about Koch, but more with the lack of diversity on the board. All white, only 2 women. Not a cross-section of UNM's population, or the state's.

another form of Medicaid fraud.....

Thank you for recognizing such a great woman.Donations in her name can be made to Partners in Education at http://www.sfpartnersineducation.org/?page_id=12.

Should the map show the road is St. Francis, not Cerrillos?

It's not all the fault of the fed's technical glitches, Have any of the board members looked at the information on the state's site? Price charts are split between two pages, plan names don't match what the insurance companies call them. Benefits lists, at least for Pres, is a garbled mess.…

would really like to see the data backing up your statements.

I'd be interested to know how these salaries compare to similar positions in other states.

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