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Dee Finney

We are very close to nuclear war at this time and need to educate ourselves about the fall out. This new generation of nuclear weapons is madness and needs to stop now. This is 2022 can we please use diplomacy and common sense. Out species and planet will be obliterated with any nuclear s…

New Mexico: National sacrifice area, so sad.

This is another issue related to expansion and bringing more power to the lab site which is already in a seismic area and prone to earthquakes, fires, drought. Not to mention the very hazardous road that goes up to the lab. We need to re think the expansion of the lab and look for alterna…

Once we are exposed, what are we supposed to do? That is the issue around LANL anyway, there is no emergency preparedness plan and we are all in jeopardy of high amounts of radiation exposure all the time. We desperately need education and direction.

What is the emergency preparedness plan when an accident occurs. There is no plan in place and we are all living in the most dangerous place in the country for deadly exposure to radioactive poisoning. Northern NM is not the place for this plan of transporting 34 metric tons of surplus pl…

'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds'.

What is the emergency plan when an accident occurs and we are all exposed. This issue is very critical and we all need to educate ourselves on what is being planned. Currently the plan is to transport this highly radioactive waste through our communities not once but twice!!!

Every week there is a news article about safety issues at the lab and paired with new information related to the transport of plutonium for preparation for the expaneded wipp and the dangers of the transport on 285. It's no wonder we are all dying of cancer here in norther NM. What will i…

J. Robert Oppenheimer

“Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

The end is near.

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