Julie Murray

I also have done the shots. But people act like vaccine resistant people are idiots. Does no one remember thalidomide, the dalkon shield, fen-phen or any of the other approved drugs that turn out to have been tragic disasters? I mean, these happened recently! The scorn that people are sho…

Marty was on the school board when my kids were in school. He always put the children and families first, and was a great advocate. He earned my vote, my respect and my admiration. Rest in peace.

"Plotting," not "plodding," Bizia. Spellcheck won't help you with homonyms.

Sad about Bert's. Best fizzy lemonade ever. But I don't think Shake Foundation is a chain. I think they just have the one place downtown. Don't know what they're going to do with the site, though.

FYI - national news picked it up this story several days ago. It's been a big story on Fox News.

D'oh! Paragraph 2 says "Romero," the friend quoted at the beginning of the article, was charged for the murders. I think the writer meant "Ortiz." Better fix that quick, editors.

Increased by 4% or increased by 4 percentage points?? The story does not make this clear.

If the graduation rate went from about 60% to over 64% (which I think is the case), this actually means an increase of 6-7%. Just saying.

How does it make sense to write that they let go of 60% of their employees, so are now down to three? So how many did they have, seven? Editor with basic math skills needed, stat!

Strong smell of smoke north of the plaza by around 5:30pm

Kind of a cheap shot at the downtown library. I have used the library every few days for 15 years, and I have never felt unsafe. I drop my kids off there, and come back for them in an hour or two. It's always well staffed and tidy. Yes, the "great unwashed," as you call them, s…

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