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If only it looked more like Santa Fe Village on Don Gaspar ...

She was a wonderful person and a pleasure to work with at the original Steaksmith on Don Gaspar in the early 1970s. I remember her just as she was then, determined and sunny, always with a smile. She was a real Santa Fe star.

I was fortunate to work with both Albert and Billy Velasquez at The New Mexican in the 1970s. My first job there involved working with the composing room and especially since I knew nothing to start with, Albert and Billy, along with other backshop folks, saved me many times from page lay…

Well done, Sean P. Thomas and Santa Fe New Mexican. You made this a vivid life story and the connection to the gracious Talley family of Santa Fe was of special interest to me.

About your description of the Acequia Madre neighborhood: downtown?

John Robertson commented on Former GOP executive director dies at 84

RIP, Marge Teague. You were most gracious, even to this pesky newsman. I always appreciated working with you. Thanks and my condolences to your loved ones.

Thank you and rest in peace, Ms. Fidel. You stand out in my memory. I was one of your estimated 44,000 students. I remember you from either Harrington or Harvey; I went to both. I get mixed up on which sister coached us in swimming at the Coronado pool.

Does the archdiocese have a wealth of files on history like this that non-church scholars haven't seen? I'd love to see Marc Simmons take on this story.

And I deeply hope this report is not rooted in the death of a pressman in the 1970s. It wasn't funny.

Pretty shabby journalism to report that a pressman "reportedly" died at your own newspaper by falling into the presses. Think of checking it out? It's also a story I've never heard, despite working there "decades ago."

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