John Onstad

There are about 1,ooo,000 households in NM. If government refunded $1,000/ household. that equals about 10% of the budget and would produce quite an economic stimulus, just what we need. After all, it is our money.

Mr. Mello: Do you know what a paragraph is? Your post is unreadable.


Kind, humble, insightful, sensitive? Not the personality to reform a perennially troubled and ineffective agency. We need a ball-buster in my opinion, if there are are any of those left in NM.

It's a given: more money spent on education NEVER translates into higher educational achievement and Santa Fe schools are a TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE of this. We've built a number of flashy, expensive schools in the last few years and seen zero return on our investment. With fewer students enrolle…


Do the team's owners have proven liquid assets to guarantee this investment? Who are the owners? They need to disclose their financials at least to the City.

$10MM in cash for construction and $900M in rent and fees every year for the term of the lease? BTW how long is …

Lujan says that hydrogen-fuel will eventually generate "hundreds of billions" in tax revenue. Petroleum industry currently generates about $2B in annual NM tax revenues, about 1/3 of NM total tax revenue. How she gets to "hundreds of Billions" is beyond me, especially since hydrogen fuel …

What's "right wing" about Coppler? Maybe your confusing her with her ex-husband.

According to a British clinical report that studied every Covid-related illness in 0-18 year olds, the mortality was .000 %. The only children who died (just a handful) had very serious co-morbidities. The virus isn't "deadly" among youngsters.

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