JL Barry

This house looks fine. Wish I could afford one like it. I think the H-board is off their meds.

It's scary to realize that one of the penalties of aging is not only vulnerability to the usual telemarketing scams, but that the actual court system will prey on you in the interest of "for your own good." Outrageous indeed.

Not to speak for the local bike shops, but I suspect most of their rentals are for mountain bikes not bulky city bikes that would be of no use on our steep mountain trails.

So, who won?

well said!

a clothesline, oh the horror!

JLBarry commented on Steaksmith loses lease

or should that be "amongst those who dine" ?

JLBarry commented on Steaksmith loses lease

"Steaksmith, a long-time favorite among Santa Fe diners, "

I took that to mean a favorite among those who dine.

JLBarry commented on NMSU women win WAC title

Congratulations to the Aztec women and men! Good luck in the Tournament!

"But storefront lenders came to the hearing with heavyweight lobbyists, including a former Republican attorney general of New Mexico and a former Democratic speaker of the state House of Representatives."

Do these people have names?

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