John Pearson

In 2020 there were about 23,500 deaths in NM, about 4,000 more than the previous year. Coincidentally the number of covid deaths reported in NM is about 4,000. The lawyer's lies kill. The pandemic is real. I have friends who were killed by it and others who have been hospitalized for it.

In Travis Co Tx (Austin) Covid positivity rates are running over 20% in public schools. We need to show our teachers we care about them and vaccinate them. Children can spread Covid even though they have no symptoms themselves.

I see you don't mention the number of SARS-CoV-2 induced strokes that 25-45 year olds are having under wraps. Before you stroke and while you still can pat yourself on the back.

If the mayor wanted to help he could go through his town business by business and make the case that businesses x, y, and z should be allowed to reopen. I'm sorry but by calling the governor a "naz*" when she is saving lives he lost any support he could ever have gotten from me.

The estimates for the mortality rate aren't particularly relevant. As of now there are 50,000 dead in the US and there is no sign of a let up. Flu kills about 30,000 a year in the US. Covid-19 has killed over 50,000 in about a month.

Have you got a reference in support of that bit of fiction?

The governor had done an excellent job.

I wonder how many health care workers that will kill.

I challenge you to find a scientific prediction of 1 million Covid-19 deaths in the US. There were none. Behavioral changes such as the lock down make projections very uncertain, and scientists in the projection game will provide error bars. Your opinion will kill if people many people be…

About 32,000 traffic fatalities in the US each year. About the same number as gun deaths. Covid-19 has killed 50,000 in about a month and it is not slowing down, yet.

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